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Classes for 2 year olds through Kindergarten are offered during each service. The classes are staffed by trained volunteer teachers. Preschoolers are encouraged to learn through active play, Bible stories, music, activity centers and crafts. 1st – 5th graders meet together for kid’s church. We worship God through music, games, Bible stories, object lessons, multi-media, puppets, etc. We have lots of FUN while learning about God and the Bible. SUMMER CAMPS Summer camps are held each July at Heavenly Waters Youth Camp in Wakefeild for 3rd through 6th grades. Call the church office for details. YOUTH MINISTRY Welcome to Club Life Youth, an outstanding youth program led by a Youth Leader where teens can learn more about Jesus Christ and what the Bible has to say about situations teens face every day. Continue reading below to learn more about Club Life Youth and what is happening in the weeks ahead. Cross Point Cross Point, a ministry for students in grades 6–12, is a great place to learn how to walk more closely with God, grow a deep relationship with Jesus Christ and have fun with friends. WOMEN’S MINISTRY Our desire is to minister to the diverse needs of women in the church by developing such a sense of community, compassion, and unity among the women, that it overflows into the lives of all those in the church. We seek to provide opportunities for women to grow spiritually, and to find friendship and fellowship with one another. We want to encourage women of all ages where ever they are in their spiritual journey or stage in life. Women’s Breakfasts
Every month, in neighborhoods throughout Suffolk, women meet for breakfast and a time of teaching and sharing. Because the breakfasts are held in various areas, it’s a chance to get to know other women who live near you and build new friendships with women close to home. Learn More Call 757-539-7001 Bravehearts
Bravehearts encourages, empowers, and enables women to take a step outside their comfort zone and go on an adventure. While Bravehearts offers events like rock climbing, hiking, biking, canoeing, horseback riding, and fishing, the adventure doesn’t end there. Bravehearts is a unique opportunity to build relationships with other brave-hearted women and be a place of spiritual growth. Bravehearts events are open to all women age 18 or older, regardless of skill level CLiF [Christian Literature Fellowship] If you love to read and fellowship with other women, you’ll enjoy our monthly book discussions. We currently have day and evening groups that meet once a month in area homes to discuss a variety of Christian literature – from biographies to fiction. For Upcoming dates Call 757.539-7001 MEN’S MINISTRY NewLife~Suffolk helps provide the support necessary to equip men to discover who they are, to focus on God’s role in their lives, and to “do life” in the company of one another. Through small groups, mid-sized gatherings, and local men’s breakfasts, men at NewLife walk alongside each other as they grow in their spiritual and relational journeys. Consider attending a men’s breakfast in your neighbourhood, where you can meet other men who live near you and get connected with others seeking to be “men after God’s own heart.” Champion’s Circle All men are welcome to join us on 3rd Saturday of each month from 8:00-10:00 a.m. for topical studies, fellowship and food. Men’s Conference Join us as we bring men all around Suffolk together for a time of refreshing. NewLife Ironmen are available to serve others in need – from minor car repairs to lawn maintenance, we want to help those who may be physically unable to keep up with the demands around the house. Join with us in serving our brothers. Call the church office at 757.539-7001 to see how you can help. Man to Man Seminars for Men. Senior Pastor, Michael Ola teaches classes for men throughout the year. Please feel free to contact the New Life Ministry Center if you have questions about any of the men’s activities listed below. 
MARRIAGE AND FAMILY LIFE MINISTRY We at New Life believe strong families are the foundation of a strong society. We host many family activities throughout the year …fun times for families to spend together and grow stronger. Listed below are some of the activities offered. Fall Family Fun Night, October 31st – A carnival atmosphere with lots of games, music and candy. Bring your whole family. A safe and warm Halloween alternative. Family Game Night – A fun-filled theme night of family entertainment. Families play games together and fellowship with other families. Baby Dedications – A truly wonderful event where you can bring your baby to be dedicated to God. You will receive a certificate of dedication and a New Testament Bible for your child. This is a special time to invite family and friends. Contact the Ministry Center to a schedule a date. The Marriage Ministry “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they will become one.” — Genesis 2:24 The Marriage Ministry is committed to serving couples and individuals in all stages of relational development. For Dating and Engaged Couples 
Becoming One workshop: Designed for those who are dating and engaged, couples explore God’s design for marriage, essentials of communication and conflict resolution, family dynamics, personality, sex and intimacy, and blended family issues. For current workshop information, see ‘Marriage Events’ or call 757-539-7001. Premarital/Newly Married Finance workshop: By learning God-honoring financial practices, engaged and newly married couples can learn practical steps toward financial freedom. For current workshop information, see ‘Marriage Events’ or call 757-539-7001. For questions about the Marriage Ministry, contact 757-539-7001 For Divorced Individuals Divorce Recovery Workshop: Divorce Recovery is designed for individuals who are divorced or going through a divorce or relational break-up. Learn more or register at the Church. NEWLIFE CELL GROUPS “My small group is like my family. They are there with comfort and support whenever I need them – including 4 a.m. at the hospital.” …a small group member In times of need and times of fun, NewLife small groups are your source of friendship and support. Amid of our congregation, they make a church feel a little smaller. They’re your key to developing connections with those who share your interests or are dealing with similar life issues. Small groups are an opportunity to reach out to others, while growing in your walk with the Lord. Groups meet once a week in homes, businesses, factories, or at the church. The groups change and begin again three times a year, so you have the opportunity to try out different ones. Choose one from several small groups with emphasis on diverse issues and interests, such as discussion of last week’s sermon, golfing, hiking, depression, addictions, business, prayer and parenting. You name it, we’ve probably got a small group for it. If not, you might consider starting your own. Should all Christians be in small groups? At NewLife~Suffolk, we urge everyone to be connected to others, because Scripture urges us to seek fellowship with other believers. What kind of group should I be in? What needs do you have? Where is a natural place of connection for you? What kind of availability do you have? Do you have to be a member of NewLife~Suffolk? No, this is a great way to discover what we’re all about. What is the best way for a first time visitor to plug in to a group? Our best firts-time group is the Pastor’s Chat, a short small/medium sized forum to get to know the pastor, and connect with others who have just arrived at NewLife~Suffolk GUEST MINISTRY Every week several of guests and visitors come through our doors friends, family, neighbors and co-workers come together to experience God. Guest Ministry plays a significant role in casting NewLife~Suffolk’s first impressions and lasting memories for our guests. With six different teams to choose from, Guest Ministry provides a variety of volunteer opportunities to welcome, serve and lead. Guest and Service Host Teams
When a guest walks through our doors for the first time and receives a warm, friendly welcome, it makes a powerful impact. Our Guest and Service Host Teams perform that vital role, and often, they are the reason a first-time guest comes back!
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